Transform your work workplace

In one of the early George Otis DVD’s on Transformation (simply called Transformation) there is a challenging statement made by a pastor in one of the segments.  The pastor says something along the lines of ‘One day when I stand before God at my life’s end God is not going to ask me how I pastored my Church.  No, God is going to ask me how I pastored my community‘.

Of course that is entirely true!  Christians have responsibility not only for the Church and for other Christians, we are sent as salt and light into the world!  Our responsibility is to bring the love and blessing of Christ to bear on every situation, particularly those most difficult situations of all – bringing Jesus into your work place!  I frequently hear Christians saying that they are afraid, embarrassed, or ill equipped to bring Jesus into their work life and their workplace in a creative and effective manner.  This is not surprising!  So much of what we model about ministry is pointed towards ministry in the Church or through the Church (and of course that has to do with the Church building, its structures and groups).

However, one day when you stand before the Lord He will ask you how you loved, cared for and transformed the people and structures that you faced for most of your waking hours each day!  If you’re looking for some fresh and creative ideas with which to carefully and sensitively engage difficult people, challenging situations, or uninterested colleauges then chapter 8 of our book ‘Transform your work life:  Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling‘ is just what you’re looking for!

In that chapter Graham and I share a practical, effective, means of reaching your colleagues, clients, and of course the company and structures of your work life for Christ and His Kingdom.  The method that we share is simple enough for any person to apply (without needing to have an incredible knowledge of the Bible, Christian theology, or being able to counsel others!)  We share a few testimonies about how people have applied this method to reach individuals and even a whole industry!

Copies of ‘Transform your work life:  Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling‘ are now available online at

Order you copy today and discover how you can transform your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling!

Once you’ve ordered your copy of ‘Transform your work life‘ pleasevisit our facebook page and share your testimony of how God is using you in your work life.

Your story could encourage others to discover the joy and blessing of being used by God in the 9-5 window!

Also feel free to share any requests for prayer or help, or interact with the authors.

God bless! Dion

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Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling

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