A week of Radio interviews – The story is spreading!

This seems to have been a week of radio interviews – we praise God for the wonderful interest in the topic of transforming your work life into a ministry.

Radio Helderberg Patricia McNaught Davis.jpgOn Tuesday I did an interview with Patricia McNaught-Davis on Radio Helderberg. Patricia was so excited about the concept of discovering God’s will and calling for one’s ordinary working day! Her enthusiasm was infectious! We discussed the possibility of serving Jesus among your colleagues at work (and of course Eleanor’s story, that is discussed in the book, was a great encouragement). We also talked about the chapter on the role and function of the Church – that chapter, entitled ‘To hell with the Church‘ always seems to attract attention!

Of course the chapter points out that God’s purpose is to use the Church to bring healing and transformation in the world, and where better to bring that transformation than where it is most needed – in the marketplace! Most people face their greatest challenges, struggles and difficulties in their workplace. What better place to declare God’s worth, establish God’s Kingdom, and work for healing and transformation?

Today I had the joy of being interviewed by Lorrein Katzke from Radio Tygerberg. Loraine was so excited about the concept of being intentional about ‘taking Jesus to work’. Of course it is simply a matter of bringing your work life and your faith life closer to one another through prayer, and being clear about the fact that one doesn’t face difficult decisions, challenging situations and relationships of struggle alone. At the suggestion of the Editor of the book, Trix Pauw, I put much more emphasis on the fact that big changes can come through the simplest acts of obedience – once again Eleanor’s story was a great encouragement. Trix is a member of the Transform your work life facebook page and suggested that I discuss this point in a comment she left on the wall.

The interview with Lorrein was also such a blessing! She is so passionate for the Lord, and it was wonderful to interact with her around ways to bring the Gospel of Jesus to bear on both people and structures in society.

Patricia will be passing on a copy of the interview from Tuesday – as soon as I have it I will upload it here in MP3 format.

It is always such a blessing to interact with readers of the book! I had coffee with someone who has just read the book – he spoke about the impact that Chapter 8 had on him (the chapter that discusses Luke 10 Transformation). And then I also had a phone call from a young businessman in Johannesburg who is looking to enter the ministry.

By the way, I will be speaking at the Somerset West Baptist Church (in Hendrikz Street) this Sunday (20 June 2010, 18.00). Please come along if you’re in the area!

And, tomorrow morning (19 June 2010) Graham and I will be speaking at the Ottery Road Methodist Church.

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