Here’s what a few friends think about Transform your work life.

Dr Bruce Wilkinson (author of The Prayer of Jabez)

“Graham Power and Dion Forster have finally brought the role of the marketplace into the prominence it deserves! When you read the Bible, it soon becomes obvious that the focus of the ministry and outreach of Christ was nearly exclusively on the marketplace. If you are looking for the secrets of how to succeed with your faith in your workplace, then ‘Transform your Work Life’ is for you.”

Floyd McClung (author of You see bones, I see an army)

“We can never pay enough pastors and missionaries to evangelise the world! It will happen when the rest of us realise the church is not a building to go to, but a vast multitude of people called and commissioned by God to take the good news where we ‘spend most of our time and energy’. This book will turn your world upside down and inspire you to believe God for church to happen where you are! You are about to go on a great adventure!”

Trevor Hudson (author of Signposts to spirituality and Invitations to an abundant life)

“At long last we have a book that affirms our daily workplace as a primary place for us to live out our faith. Few people are better placed and more equipped to show us the way than Dion Forster and Graham Power. I pray that this book will enable many individuals the world over to see their work as a means of dignity, love and provision, both for themselves and their neighbour.”

Brett Johnson (author of Lemon Leadership and Convergence)

“People often ask, ‘What is my calling?’. The answer is partly simple: the majority of us are called to the marketplace. The interwoven stories of Graham and Dion will encourage you to make your occupation your vocation, your job a ‘beroep’, in the true sense of the word. I highly commend these good friends to you; read their story so that your heart will be encouraged, your mind renewed, and your spirit emboldened. God, being a lawyer, understands legal precedent, so what he has done for them he can do for you and me if we walk in similar obedience. Make their story a springboard for your story. ‘But, he is successful and if I had his money I could also serve God,’ you may say. Don’t ask for money like Graham – ask for humility like Graham. Don’t ask for a ministry like Dion’s, but minister with all that you have, right where you are. Don’t wait for one great thing to do, but take the next step of obedience. I am delighted that Graham and Dion are challenging us to integrate our work and faith so that we can be a part of the extraordinary company of ordinary marketplace people who are extending the kingdom through daily business.”

Angus Buchan (author of Faith Like Potatoes and Mighty Men of God)

“Graham Power has become a very special friend to me and a man whom I esteem highly when it comes to doing business in a Godly manner. In this day and age, when anything seems to go, it is so good to know that there are still successful businessmen who operate strictly according to God’s principles.”

Ed Silvoso (author of Anointed for Business and Transformation)

God has been speaking eloquently and repeatedly to the church about his heart for, and his upcoming move in, the marketplace. Dr Billy Graham, one of the most respected leaders and surely the most perceptive modern evangelist, has stated that God’s next move will be in the marketplace. His statement is consistent with the words spoken by the prophet Joel and quoted by Peter when he preached the first sermon of the Church Age in Acts 2. God’s Spirit will be poured out on all people (see Acts 2:17, NIV), clearly implying that the end-time revival will happen in the marketplace since that is where most of ‘all people’ reside.

This book is co-authored by two of God’s choicest gifts to the church and to the world – Graham Power and Dion Forster. It reflects ‘what the Spirit is saying to the churches in this day and age’. Consequently, those who have ears are instructed to hear.

Many people have written on the subject of marketplace ministry and Dion and Graham are quick and gracious to acknowledge that they stand on the shoulders of early pioneers. But there are at least two important elements that make the content of this book unique: Firstly, it is the col- laborative work of a pulpit and a marketplace minister who have and will continue to share in the trenches in God’s kingdom. Their placement in those different, yet complementary arenas enables them to present God’s message in well-balanced stereo. Secondly, it is the result of sound imple- mentation of Biblical principles. It is not theoretical, but practical; fully sustained by experience that serves as an example for others to follow. Graham and Dion’s stories are extraordinary, but they are rooted in ordinary, everyday situations, making the challenge and the instruction appealing and accessible to everyone.

As someone who has devoted his life to seeing transformation come to cities and nations, I welcome this book and highly and enthusiastically recommend it to anyone with a burden to see our world become a better place as God’s will in heaven begins to be reflected on earth.

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