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What does the Gospel ‘feel’ like?

In our little book ‘Transform your work life‘ (written by Graham Power and myself) I wrote:

God longs for Christians to get practical and creative about making the ‘good news’ real for the people… We should not be asking ‘what does the good news sound like?’, rather we should ask ‘what does the good news feel like, and what does good news look like?’

What does the Gospel feel like!?  That is quite a challenging question!  It has lingered in my mind for some years now as I have tried to bring an experience of the ‘good news’ of God’s Kingdom to the people that I live with, work with and encounter in my life’s journey.

Worship on Sunday is critical – as John van de Laar rightly points out it is the orientation that should shape the rest of our week.  The exact quote from his great new book ‘The Hour that changes Everything‘ is this: “How you worship defines how you live

The question for this post is, however, what kind of worship does God require for the other 166 hours of the week?

Here’s an excerpt from chapter 3 of ‘Transform your work life‘ –

Did you know that Jesus had a ‘mission statement’ for his ministry on earth? You can read it in Luke 4:16–21. It is interesting to see that all the things that Jesus came to do were practical, tangible expressions of God’s love for the world. I have heard so many sermons on this passage that I sometimes forget just how practical Jesus intended his ministry to be. When Jesus said He had come to bring ‘good news to the poor’ (Luke 4:18) what do you think He meant? Let us approach it from a slightly different perspective: what is good news for a poor person? I have been in need a few times in my life, and I can tell you when you are poor good news is not a sermon! It is good news when you have food and money to pay your bills, it is great news when you get a job that pays you a salary with which you can support your family and yourself.

One of the big failings of the contemporary church, and that means you and me, is that we do not always bless the people around us in tangible and visible ways. When someone is ill we say things like, ‘I’ll pray for you’ – while this is an expression of care, I can assure you that the person would feel so special and loved if you took them a meal! I know that God longs for Christians to get practical and creative about making the ‘good news’ real for the people around them. We should not be asking ‘what does the good news sound like?’ Rather, we should ask ‘what does the good news feel like, and what does good news look like?’ This is Jesus’ way!

As you think about the people among whom you work, what would be truly good news for them? Is there a single mother who is battling to make ends meet? Perhaps you have a co-worker who is struggling to cope with his workload, or maybe someone whose child is ill – what could you do to make the ‘good news’ visible and tangible for these people?

Sometimes it is the simplest things, like a phone call, or a visit, that make people feel loved and cared for. At other times you will need to be a little more creative and sacrificial in what you do.

So, here’s my question – what does the Gospel ‘feel like’ in your context?  What can you do to help the people you love and meet experience the Gospel before you speak to them about it?



Transform your work workplace

In one of the early George Otis DVD’s on Transformation (simply called Transformation) there is a challenging statement made by a pastor in one of the segments.  The pastor says something along the lines of ‘One day when I stand before God at my life’s end God is not going to ask me how I pastored my Church.  No, God is going to ask me how I pastored my community‘.

Of course that is entirely true!  Christians have responsibility not only for the Church and for other Christians, we are sent as salt and light into the world!  Our responsibility is to bring the love and blessing of Christ to bear on every situation, particularly those most difficult situations of all – bringing Jesus into your work place!  I frequently hear Christians saying that they are afraid, embarrassed, or ill equipped to bring Jesus into their work life and their workplace in a creative and effective manner.  This is not surprising!  So much of what we model about ministry is pointed towards ministry in the Church or through the Church (and of course that has to do with the Church building, its structures and groups).

However, one day when you stand before the Lord He will ask you how you loved, cared for and transformed the people and structures that you faced for most of your waking hours each day!  If you’re looking for some fresh and creative ideas with which to carefully and sensitively engage difficult people, challenging situations, or uninterested colleauges then chapter 8 of our book ‘Transform your work life:  Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling‘ is just what you’re looking for!

In that chapter Graham and I share a practical, effective, means of reaching your colleagues, clients, and of course the company and structures of your work life for Christ and His Kingdom.  The method that we share is simple enough for any person to apply (without needing to have an incredible knowledge of the Bible, Christian theology, or being able to counsel others!)  We share a few testimonies about how people have applied this method to reach individuals and even a whole industry!

Copies of ‘Transform your work life:  Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling‘ are now available online at

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God bless! Dion