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Transform your work life selling for only R88! A great Father’s Day gift!

Transform your work life: Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling‘ is on special for only R88.00 (just a little more than US$10) on Christian Republic for a limited time. It is also available in most book shops (Exclusive books, Wordsworth books etc. If they don’t have it on the shelf simply give them the title, the publisher (Struik Christian Books) and the names of the authors (Graham Power and Dion Forster) and they will order it for you.

Why not bless someone with a copy today?

It could be one of the most significant gifts that you give to a friend, family member or colleague – their work life could be transformed into a source of immeasurable blessing for them and others! Proceeds from sales go to fund the Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical campaigns


Transform your work life! For sale at Christian Republic

Copies of ‘Transform your work life:  Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling‘ are now available online at Christian Republic

Order you copy today and discover how you can transform your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling!

Once you’ve ordered your copy of ‘Transform your work life‘ please visit our facebook page and share your testimony of how God is using you in your work life.

Your story could encourage others to discover the joy and blessing of being used by God in the 9-5 window!  Also feel free to share any requests for prayer or help, or interact with the authors.

God bless!


God wants to use you in the marketplace!

Available in stores and online from 21 May 2010!

Most people will spend between sixty and seventy percent of their lives at work. This is an incredible investment of time, energy and creativity and God has a very particular desire for that huge portion of your life. God cares about every part of your life, not just the parts that are spent in church and church related activities.

In Transform Your Work Life Graham Power and Dion Forster share some testimony and teaching on what God has done with them, and what God wants to do with and through Christians in the marketplace.

Your work life is one of the most accessible and significant mission fields in the world. Graham Power and Dion Forster offer some truly practical, sometimes challenging, hopefully inspiring insights into the tools and processes that you can use to transform your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling, and by doing so transform your work life.

Graham Power is the founder and Board Chairman of the Power Group. In 2001 Graham Power was the visionary leader, for a gathering in Cape Town that saw 45 000 Christians fill Newlands Stadium to pray for the needs of this nation. Today this movement has become a global move.

Dr Dion Forster is a consultant and chaplain to the Power Group of Companies as well as the Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical movements. Dion preaches regularly in churches across South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world. He also has a bi-weekly radio program called ‘The Ministry and Me’ on Radio Pulpit.

Take a look at the endorsements to see what persons such as Dr Bruce Wilkinson, Rev Ed Silvoso, Rev Trevor Hudson and Brett Johnson think about this book.

Please join the facebook page to discuss topics around ministry in the work place, stay up to date with developments related to the book, and interact with the authors.

Please note that the book will be on sale from the 21st of May 2010.