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An overview of ministry in the marketplace

A full video interview about ‘Transform your work life’.

What is God’s purpose for work?
How can you find blessing during your worklife?
How can you transform your workplace without alienating your co-workers and clients?
Does God automatically bless Christians?
Should Christians only work for Christian companies?

These questions, and many more, are discussed. You’ll also get some insights into ministry in the marketplace and being a marketplace minister.

I’d love to hear your perspectives, insights, and ideas on serving Jesus in the ‘9-5 window’! Drop me a, or post a comment below.


Xena Lee from 1Africa / CVC Media interviews Dion and Graham about ‘Transform your work life.

This video interview was conducted by Xena Lee from 1Africa / CVC Media for our book ‘Transform your work life: Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling‘.  Why should you take Jesus to work?  Does God automatically bless Christians in their work life?  How do you share Christ’s love in a tough environment?  How can you be a Christian at work without alienating others?

Watch this short video to get some insight into the book, some of the ideas that we discuss and consider in ‘Transform your work life‘ and to get some practical insights and inspiration for your work life.

Transform your work life – turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling from Dion Forster on Vimeo.

Thanks for all of the prayers and support!  Let’s keep praying that more people will find ways of discovering blessing and becoming a blessing in their work life and their workplace.